Not Just For School

calc expressKeep in mind, these stories we are sharing with you are about real people who have used our software. We are sharing with you this information because we want you to trust the fact that what we have to offer is of value!

So anyways, the second story or testimonial we want to share with all of you today is about one of our more recent users, Daniel Demitrius (if you have questions for him he would be happy to help, email him at: Daniel used all of our software throughout college just like Dave to get through some of his tough and unnecessary classes, but he didn’t stop there.

Daniel uses our software still to this day, as a business owner! He is the owner of a limousine company called Vancouver Luxury Limos. He uses the software to keep track of his orders as well as to do his taxes. What a loyal guy! He liked our product so much that he continued to use it for other mathematical purposes other than just a college course.

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Youtube > Professors

There is a lot of crazy stuff happening in today’s world. One of those things is the fact that Youtube can often teach kids more on a subject matter than a professor can. Many people will disagree with this, but that is because they are clinging to the past. Youtube is one of the largest search engines in the world. They have thousands of videos on every topic out there. Professors can’t keep up with that! They are just one person with one brain.


At the college level in school, students don’t get near as much time with their professors. They have to keep up in class and learn outside of class in groups and by using their books. More and more students every year are using youtube to show them how to understand something or to simply inform them on a subject.

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Success Story 1

As we said in our first blog post, we want to share several stories of people who have been impacted in a positive way by our software.

Dave, one of our very first users along with Jim who we mentioned earlier, has stated that our tools helped him get through college. Dave was a business major and an entrepreneur. He did not enjoy the idea of studying or of being in class, but knew he needed to get through so that he could have a degree in order to accepted and mentored by a successful business owner (you don’t actually need a degree for that but he thought so at the time).

Dave was brilliant, always coming up with new business ideas, putting them into action and profiting from them. He was a true entrepreneur but he still wanted to graduate so he could claim that he had a degree. He did fine in all of his classes except, you guessed it… Calculus. He had failed it previously, heard about our systems and came to us very interested. Did Dave really need to take a calculus to help him be apart of or run a successful business…? Of course NOT! But he needed to pass the class in order to earn a degree.

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What Needs To Change

The main reason Calc Express developed its mathematical tool was because of the way the college system and higher education works in America today. Students are forced to pay thousands of dollars that they don’t have, on classes that they don’t need to take, that will never serve them much good in the future for the price of what they’re paying. Students are required to take in between fifteen and twenty (depending on the school) classes that are not applicable to their major and the career they want to go into. Should a music major be forced to take an psychology class? Should a science major be required to take an art class? We sure don’t think so. Same goes for math (at the higher levels). Why require anyone in college outside the science, teaching, engineer or mathematics majors to take a calculus type class. Students going into almost all other other career fields are never again going to care about knowing or using the pythagorean theorem.

So, to act on this waste of money and time students are forced to spend, we created a tool that allows them to get through these required calculus based courses. You will still learn, feeling as though you somewhat got your money’s worth from the class but will help you be much more efficient allowing you to focus on other areas of your studies and life that will help advance your post college career. Don’t believe us? Just ask Jim, who used our tools to help him learn and succeed more efficiently in some of his math courses in college? The extra time he had created for himself, he used to study for his business classes. He now owns one of the most successful window washing businesses in the Northwest called

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Why We Believe Math Is Important

math photo

When reading our about page, you might think to yourself “these guys don’t really value mathematics and just want to help people find the easy way.” Well that is not true. Yes, we want to help people be more efficient so they can accomplish more, but we do see the importance of math.

Math is an instrument, a skill that people use in their day to day lives. Budgeting, telling time, reading an odometer, making purchases, calculating distance, planning the hours of your day all require math. Math allows people to make cars, engineer bridges, come up with scientific discoveries, predict stock market prices and helps people run successful businesses. It is clearly an important subject for young people to learn in order for us to keep society afloat as generations grow older.

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Calc Express Welcomes You!

Welcome to the new Calc Express Website/Blog. We are excited to be back and running. For those of you who have used our software in the past, we hope it helped you learn and flourish in your high school or college math courses. For those of you who haven’t we are excited to serve you for the first time. To learn more about our software and tools, please go to our about page.

In this blog we are going to be updating you on our newest software and product features, as well as tips and information on how to succeed with ease in any math or calculus course. Math is a fantastic subject, but it is forced on students too much at the undergraduate level in college, just as many other subjects are that don’t pertain to a students major. Institutions require too many random and inapplicable courses to be taken by students who already know what they want to major in and study. So, with that said, for those of you who are not great at math or don’t have a passion for it but have to take the prerequisites, stay tuned with our posts and look into our software. You will love it. We can help you learn the math you are studying so you aren’t wasting your time and money, while being much more efficient doing so.

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