Calc Express Welcomes You!

Welcome to the new Calc Express Website/Blog. We are excited to be back and running. For those of you who have used our software in the past, we hope it helped you learn and flourish in your high school or college math courses. For those of you who haven’t we are excited to serve you for the first time. To learn more about our software and tools, please go to our about page.

In this blog we are going to be updating you on our newest software and product features, as well as tips and information on how to succeed with ease in any math or calculus course. Math is a fantastic subject, but it is forced on students too much at the undergraduate level in college, just as many other subjects are that don’t pertain to a students major. Institutions require too many random and inapplicable courses to be taken by students who already know what they want to major in and study. So, with that said, for those of you who are not great at math or don’t have a passion for it but have to take the prerequisites, stay tuned with our posts and look into our software. You will love it. We can help you learn the math you are studying so you aren’t wasting your time and money, while being much more efficient doing so.

Don’t get us wrong we believe math is an important subject. Just not as important as colleges and universities make it out to be. Here is an article on why math is so important. Click Here To Read.

Calc Express will also be bringing you success stories of people who have used our software. We will be sharing how it has helped them get through their math courses successfully and efficiently and ultimately how they have become successful members of society because they had more time to study and put effort into acquiring knowledge particular to what they wanted to do after college.

Stay tuned with us and be checking in for more posts, stories and information!