What Needs To Change

The main reason Calc Express developed its mathematical tool was because of the way the college system and higher education works in America today. Students are forced to pay thousands of dollars that they don’t have, on classes that they don’t need to take, that will never serve them much good in the future for the price of what they’re paying. Students are required to take in between fifteen and twenty (depending on the school) classes that are not applicable to their major and the career they want to go into. Should a music major be forced to take an psychology class? Should a science major be required to take an art class? We sure don’t think so. Same goes for math (at the higher levels). Why require anyone in college outside the science, teaching, engineer or mathematics majors to take a calculus type class. Students going into almost all other other career fields are never again going to care about knowing or using the pythagorean theorem.

So, to act on this waste of money and time students are forced to spend, we created a tool that allows them to get through these required calculus based courses. You will still learn, feeling as though you somewhat got your money’s worth from the class but will help you be much more efficient allowing you to focus on other areas of your studies and life that will help advance your post college career. Don’t believe us? Just ask Jim, who used our tools to help him learn and succeed more efficiently in some of his math courses in college? The extra time he had created for himself, he used to study for his business classes. He now owns one of the most successful window washing businesses in the Northwest called www.northwestglassact.com.

We know that our college education system will not be changing anytime soon. So, we took initiative and wanted to help students who already have to waste time and money on “knowledge that makes them more well rounded people.” When using our tools, you are not cheating in anyway. You are simply using your resources to become more efficient with your time and efforts. Isn’t that what work and life is about anyways? Might as well start in college. So to all you students out there who need nothing to do with math for your degree and career… Email us today!