Why We Believe Math Is Important

math photo

When reading our about page, you might think to yourself “these guys don’t really value mathematics and just want to help people find the easy way.” Well that is not true. Yes, we want to help people be more efficient so they can accomplish more, but we do see the importance of math.

Math is an instrument, a skill that people use in their day to day lives. Budgeting, telling time, reading an odometer, making purchases, calculating distance, planning the hours of your day all require math. Math allows people to make cars, engineer bridges, come up with scientific discoveries, predict stock market prices and helps people run successful businesses. It is clearly an important subject for young people to learn in order for us to keep society afloat as generations grow older.

It also is a fantastic exercise for youths. It expands the brain much more as it develops with age. By studying mathematics people not only learn the skill of “doing math” but they learn patience, discipline and problem solving skills. Our world would not be where it is today with mathematics so please do not think for one second, that we do not value the exercise in math. Our software is only offered to adults, college students or high school students who are in an advanced calculus class or higher. We believe in having students use their brains and take the hard route to problem solve and learn in math. To read about why we developed this software in the first place and what we believe it can help people with, take a look at our more recent post, What Needs To Change.