Success Story 1

As we said in our first blog post, we want to share several stories of people who have been impacted in a positive way by our software.

Dave, one of our very first users along with Jim who we mentioned earlier, has stated that our tools helped him get through college. Dave was a business major and an entrepreneur. He did not enjoy the idea of studying or of being in class, but knew he needed to get through so that he could have a degree in order to accepted and mentored by a successful business owner (you don’t actually need a degree for that but he thought so at the time).

Dave was brilliant, always coming up with new business ideas, putting them into action and profiting from them. He was a true entrepreneur but he still wanted to graduate so he could claim that he had a degree. He did fine in all of his classes except, you guessed it… Calculus. He had failed it previously, heard about our systems and came to us very interested. Did Dave really need to take a calculus to help him be apart of or run a successful business…? Of course NOT! But he needed to pass the class in order to earn a degree.

When he used our software he was instantly assisted, but he also claimed that the way the problems were broken down into steps helped him understand the way the problem needed to be solved. Even though he was able to retrieve the answers for his homework, he was interacting and understanding in class better than ever before. When tests rolled around he was scoring higher on them, without our software.

Point of the story is, our tools allow students to get through math when it is difficult for them, but it also helps teach them in new and better ways! Dave said so himself, if it would not have been for Calc Express he would have never had beaten his dreadful calc class.