Youtube > Professors

There is a lot of crazy stuff happening in today’s world. One of those things is the fact that Youtube can often teach kids more on a subject matter than a professor can. Many people will disagree with this, but that is because they are clinging to the past. Youtube is one of the largest search engines in the world. They have thousands of videos on every topic out there. Professors can’t keep up with that! They are just one person with one brain.


At the college level in school, students don’t get near as much time with their professors. They have to keep up in class and learn outside of class in groups and by using their books. More and more students every year are using youtube to show them how to understand something or to simply inform them on a subject.

Yes, our software is ultimately what can help students in their math classes, but Youtube is also a fantastic way to learn, especially with calculus based math. Watching a video allows a person to learn at their own pace because they can pause and go back whenever they want. Youtube has close to millions of videos for math that simply break down problems step by step for the viewer. Don’t think that using youtube to teach you mathematics is in any way cheating. You are being taught how to problem solve by a person who is more knowledgable than you. It just so happens that the process is through a video being played on a screen. So take advantage!

Bottom line is, if you don’t already, we are encouraging you to start using youtube to understand and solve problems. We aren’t saying don’t listen to your professors, because they can be of value to. Youtube is just simply just a better way to learn. Embrace change and start learning the more efficient way.