Not Just For School

calc expressKeep in mind, these stories we are sharing with you are about real people who have used our software. We are sharing with you this information because we want you to trust the fact that what we have to offer is of value!

So anyways, the second story or testimonial we want to share with all of you today is about one of our more recent users, Daniel Demitrius (if you have questions for him he would be happy to help, email him at: Daniel used all of our software throughout college just like Dave to get through some of his tough and unnecessary classes, but he didn’t stop there.

Daniel uses our software still to this day, as a business owner! He is the owner of a limousine company called Vancouver Luxury Limos. He uses the software to keep track of his orders as well as to do his taxes. What a loyal guy! He liked our product so much that he continued to use it for other mathematical purposes other than just a college course.

It just goes to show that our systems can be used for virtually anything that has to do with math. Daniel is a business owner, and business owners don’t have a lot of extra time. Utilizing technology such as ours is a great way to get things done quicker and allow yourself to have more time doing the most important things.

Yes, our software was specifically designed for a calculus class, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for business or life in general. Daniel is a perfect example of one who thinks outside the box and gets the most value out of things.

If you have questions for us, email us today!