Calc Express is a web based math software company that offers people, particularly students, tools for their math classes. We believe that math is a great exercise for the brain, but unless you are an engineer or scientist, odds are you won’t be using the calculus skills you have acquired more than once a year.

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We want students to benefit from math, and believe they should learn how to be problem solvers. But the level of which our college institutions forces students to take so many math courses, and courses in general that don’t pertain to their major is getting ridiculous. We have developed a software that simply helps kids solve their math problems and share them with their peers. To any adults reading this, you are most likely think that we are just helping kids cheat. Well that is not the case at all. Our software allows the end user to plug in formulas having them broken down step by step. The student can then share these steps with other users to get a better understanding from the problem.

Ultimately, we are an organization that wants to help people understand all types of calculus more fully and in depth. At the same time we want to aid students who are majoring in a subject that is completely irrelevant to mathematics, allowing them to finish their required math courses in thirty minutes rather than two hours. That way they have more time to focus on the studies that they will be applying to the rest of their lives, but will have still learned in their math course at a more efficient rate. If you would like to find out more about us and our software email us at: techsupport@calcexpress.com.